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20 April 2010 @ 05:29 pm
Big Prize Giveaway  
This is sort of off topic and not really related to God or faith... but perhaps it could be. My husband and I lost our jobs and we do not have an income at this time. I have my own business called Eskimo Kissez and I am trying to promote it, get my name out there, and perhaps make a few sales by hosting a giveaway! So here it is:

Win a sample pack of Eskimo Kissez's Best Selling Products!

*A lip balm of your choice flavor

*A hand cream of your choice scent

*A 6 oz candle of your choice scent

*A perfume sample of your choice scent

*Plus, 20% off your next purchase

To Enter:
1. Visit my website.
2. Look at the list of fragrances.
3. Go to my online store. See what I have for sale.
4. Go to the blog (hate that word) on my website and post your favorite products and fragrances in a comment with your name or (or pseudonym) and e-mail address.

Deadline for entry will be Tuesday, April 27th at 11:59 pm.

A winner will be chosen at random by using random.org.

Oh, and prayers that one of us finds a job are much appreciated! Thank you!