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02 April 2010 @ 09:19 am
Inspired by another post...  

Dear Lord, Allah, greater one, man upstairs,

This is my petition. It isn’t written for a quick change, for me to complete this and all of a sudden my greatest desires are instantly answered. Perhaps part of me wishes that, but I also recognize that trials and toughness are placed into my life for a reason, but it still doesn’t mean that I can write a petition to you and ask directly, not just for strength and courage and a patient heart, but rather a direct need and a direct what I feel is a necessary want.

A job…. I do truly understand with my mentality I can measure my worth with how successful I am at my job…that is not your intention for someone to have a job. I shouldn’t feel my worth through my position and stance within the workplace, I should have a higher understanding of my worth, and that is to serve you and to serve the people through good meaningful deeds. With that said, I thank you for this time away to recognize that. But with that also said, you provide jobs as a means to survive. And I would like to petition you for a job. But let me clarify myself even more. I would like to personally petition you for the job down in Newberg. I feel as though that is where I can best serve you and those around me.

As for Andrew, in ways it feels disconcerting for me to petition for you to bring us back together in that romantic relationship. While that feeling you gave to me on Christmas Eve that I attributed to him and I and our relationship, perhaps there was a greater reasoning behind that feeling, and I’ve yet to discover it. I petition you then for your will and desire about our relationship be clearer to me, and for the tears and pain to dissipate if that is your desire. I want to fall in love and I want to be in that relationship that you desire for everyone to be in. I petition you then if not Andrew and I, and if your certain about that, then to help me see the other avenues and to have that relationship.

Thank you for taking the time to read this position whomever you are, and if it is your will, to please sign it and help me to believe in it through my dark times and to reread it and see the light through the dark.

-Mallory Anderson